About Sun Challenge

John Wilson and his son Ian will sail around the world in a 39-foot catamaran to raise awareness everywhere about the most pressing issue in the world today: the urgent need to shift to renewable resources. This ambitious circumnavigation is the first component of the Sun Challenge.

Sun Challenge refers to the ability of our sun to provide all of the renewable resources we need. Our sun provides more than 1000 times the energy we need. Direct solar energy from the sun can be converted into electricity with solar photovoltaic panels or heat with solar thermal panels. The sun also drives the weather patterns on earth that create wind power that can be harnessed with wind turbines. Sun power even drives the hydrologic cycle that makes rain and drives water power. So, our challenge in moving to renewable resources is about finding ways to harness this free renewable sun power and using it exclusively to recycle the resources currently in use.

License to Chill Catamaran

During the circumnavigation John and Ian will seek out and find the very best examples of people, organizations and communities using renewable resources today. The entire journey and all of the hopeful examples of people meeting the 'sun challenge' today will be captured in a monthly 25 minute YouTube series entitled Sun Challenge that will be distributed free of charge over the Internet. At the end of the journey, a condensed version of the 25 minute episodes will be made available as a feature documentary film.

All of the proceeds from donations will go to the Sun Challenge: Funds for Change social business which supports communities that are taking on the sun challenge today and in the future by using renewable resources.

For more information email John Wilson - wilsonjd9@gmail.com.