Sailing from Nova Scotia to Toronto

Sailing Log

Chester Nova Scotia

May 31 2014 ran motor for an hour.

June 1 ran motor for a couple hours charging batteries.

Leaving Chester

June 1 Left Chester 2pm - motoring to Lunenberg June 1 5:30pm arrived lunenberg, motored all the way.

To do for tomorrow - cotter pin (check size), rings, vice grips.

Ian enjoying a beer upon arrival in Lunenberg

Bluenose in Lunenberg

June 2 - got cotter pin and groceries and handheld VHF - Diesel engine fixed, tighten alternator belt sue to slipping squealing

Ian enjoying a beer upon arrival in Lunenberg

Ian at helm past Lunenberg

June 2 11:20am motor out to the coast, tested jib and fixed main shroud with cotter pin. 1pm sailed for a few hours 4pm fired up motor to head into Liverpool 5pm complete first anchorage with 150 feet of rode. 6pm cocktail hour and catch up on Missed lunch for John due to first big day out on 2 meter waves.

Panorama of Licence to Chill in Liverpool

Anchored as seen from Liverpool

Ian and Kerry set the first anchor in Liverpool

Licence to Chill at sunset in Liverpool Nova Scotia

Heading into Liverpool to check out the scene in a bit. Liverpool was lovely. Kerry Repaired hot water intake line clamp was leaking. So he tightened it.

June 3 Tuesday - 7am out of Liverpool. Brought anchor up by going over top of it. Then tied and went past to get out of mud.

Heading south from Liverpool

June 3 7am heading for maybe Negro Island or a little further.

Heading south from Liverpool

Kerry as we plan to round the cape of Nova Scotia

June 3 we were making great time, smoothly motor sailing with the wind behind us. 3pm made it to Negro Island after some troubles. First the fog came rolling in as we were hoping to make Cape Sable Island. That was not to be today. As the fog thickened we made the call to head for Negro Island and wait it out. As we motored in and the fog thickened, the temperature dropped, the wind and waves picked up. About 30 minutes from the island smoke (actually water vapour) started coming up from behind us where the motor is, Ian said. A look at the temperature gauge for the engine showed we were above normal and climbing. We shut the motor down so as not to damage it. Bobbing around we decided to put the jib up and sail in for a bit. We could make ground to the north side of the island so we made the call to prepare to sail into the south in case the engine wouldn't fire up again. We plotted a careful course into the cove under sail, a close haul with the jib. We surfed in and came up into cove. We started the cooled motor and it seemed to be okay. We put down the anchor, high fives and grabbed a well deserved drink. Will need to investigate what might have caused the issue. Thinking some sort of blockage with the water cooling.

Fishing boats along the coast

June 4 Wednesday we estimates that by starting at 7am we'd get a boost with the tide coming around the cape of up to 2 knots. It did. About half way to Yarmouth we noticed the port berth floor was filling with water traced the dripping to the engine compartment. After reviewing the engine manual we had a look around back and front with a flashlight. Water was salty so theory was cooling intake. Found it leaking at the back. Decided to repair at the dock in Yarmouth. Marina was supposed to be open but wasn't. Went into Rudders Restaurant. They called around and got Dave Warner. He drove down in 5 mins, took us with jerry cans and got 34 gallons of diesel. Wonderful helpful people. Dave even opened up the shower room for us. Now off to explore and then some mussels and lobster for dinner hopefully. Gotta make it an early night as we get up at 4am to head for Bar Harbor.

Ian holding the broken clamp that Kerry found

We arrive in Yarmouth before the cruising season as started

June 5 Thursday - set off from Yarmouth at 4:30am in fog and dark. Very difficult motor out the narrow channel, passing two large fishing boats coming in. Very stressful zigzagging back and forth.

Crossing Fundy from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor in the fog, rain and cold

Once out of the harbour we pointed to Bar Harbour Maine, in the cold dark fog. The whole trip was in fog and rain. We came into Bar Harbor dodge all the lobster traps, after 14 hours of motor sailing. The engine overheated again with a clogged intake on the engine. We sailed into the harbour hoping to cool down the engine and clear the block age. It did. We called homeland security to arrange customs clearing. We docked at 7pm at the municipal dock waiting for the customs agent. He called at 8:45pm to say it would take an hour for him to drive down. And so we wait.

Ian enjoying the long crossing

At harbor in Bar Harbor

June 6 Friday motored sailed from Bar Harbor after a Great Maine Breakfast, to South West Harbor, 2 hours. One more engine cutout. Kerry cleared the strainer for the water intake. She seems to be running smoothly now...we hope. We went here to get a new head. Installed head. Turns out problem is pumping into holding tank.

On the dock in South West Harbor, looking to repair toil and fuel up

June 7 Saturday left South West Harbour at 8:45am. Broke throttle as the engine appeared to be stalling. Put vice grip on to replace throttle stick. Saw a bald eagle chasing seagulls and then catch a fish.

Evening view after a walk into town

Fuel on starboard tank seem to stop flowing, engine stopped.

Ian snoozing

Kerry at helm on a gorgeous day where we see dolphins and sea lions

Panorama along the coast of Maine

3 mast sailing ship

We got into Tenants Harbor at 5:10.

June 8 Saturday - set off at 6am. Saw a seal or sea lion swim by underwater beside us. Heading for Biddeford south of Portland.

John enjoying happy hour

Arrived Biddeford at 4:30pm.

John enjoying lobster having scrambled to get mooring ball

June 9 Monday - 6:30pm heading for Boston. One fuel tank working. Fuel filter cleansed of water.

Only go about an hour and a half and the engine started to cut out. We made for Kenninunkport to get some help. Docked at Chicks Marina. General consensus is we have water in the fuel. We've connected with a Merlin who apparently is a diesel mechanic to help us purge the fuel and sort out issues.

Moored in Kennebunkport getting diesel that has water in it replace

We explored town in the morning. Had wonderful homemade icecream at Rocco's as recommended by barista at coffee shop where I got a wonderful cappachino. After lunch back at the boat which is now on a mooring ball that we got by calling the dock master.

In the afternoon we took a long walk out Kennebunk way to the big sandy beach via the Fransiscan Monestary property.

Pasta for dinner with ceaser salad using croutons I made.

Ian and Kerry went over to the Marina...Ian explored and Kerry had a shower and did his laundry.

Enjoying a walk at Kennebunk

I owe Kerry 255. I settled up with Kerry on this. June 10 Tuesday - Merlin the boat mechanic came around noon. Basically we removed all the old fuel that had a lot of water in it. We replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the fuel filter bowl. 2.5 hours @ $70/hour plus travel. We then filled with good new clean fuel from Chicks Marina. Looking towards the back of the boat the right tank appears to have an air leak that needs to be fixed so we aren't using it for now. Keep an eye on the fuel filter for any sign of water and remove it.

Broken throttle

Ran the engine for 30 minute test seems to be running well.

June 11 Wednesday left kennebunkport at 5 am heading for Glocester. Put up sails at 10am. 5 hours of run time this morning.

At noon we turned the engine back on. Got into Glocester at 2:30pm. So 2.5 hours after lunch.

Sunrise coming out of Kennebunk

June 12 Thursday left at 8am. Motor sailed to boat in 3 foot chop. Boston Harbor Sailing Club. Hail on channel 10. Got in at 11:30am.

Ian at helm coming in to Boston Harbor

John upon arrival in Boston

Mooring ball in the heart of Boston

Ian at Fenway Park enjoy a Red Socks game in the rain

June 15 Sunday - left Boston at 7:30am. Heading for cap cod canal. Got to canal entrance at about 2pm. Got about 5 gallons of diesel and water. Made it to Mattapoisett MA which is a couple hours past the exit from the canal where we have a mooring ball for the night at 5pm

Leigh with us now, leaving Boston Harbor

June 16 - left at 6:15 am heading for black rock or fisher island Arrived at Mystic River Mystic Marina at 5pm. Filled up with 10 gallons of diesel.

Sunset on Long Island Sound

June 17 - Left mystic at 7:45am. Got diesel in Milford upon arrival at 4pm.

Ian relaxing in the hammock

June 18 - repaired throttle, installed new one, by Bob at Milford Boat Works from 8am to 12 noon.

Coming in to Milford for throttle repair

June 19 motor long Island so leaving at 7:30am arriving at 79th street boat basin at 6:30pm

Arrived at 79th Street Boat Yard in New York city

Rock climging in Central Park, Ian

Ian and Leign on the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum

Ian discovers art in the Vincent Van Gogh section

June 20 Friday - left NY at 2:30pm. We got in to Verplanck at 7pm.

June 21 Saturday - left Verplanck at 7:30am aiming for Catskill Cr. - head - diesel Done - water Done - oil and filter change Done - mast stepping - propane tank filled

Got to Saugerties by 5pm. Put 10.1 gallons in tank.

Arrived at 79th Street Boat Yard in New York city

Arrived at Catskill Riverview Marina at 7pm.

June 23 Monday - left Catskill NY at 9:15am using repaired port side tank. 12 noon we filled tanks a bit and 2 jerry cans with 5 gallons each for 12 gallons. Port tank ran for 4 hours the shut down. Starboard ran for 30 minutes. Arrived at Waterford at 4pm. 7 Hours

Locks in the rain

June 24 Tuesday - left Waterford at 8:55am. Completed "the flight" of 5 locks (Locks E2-E6) in close succession, within 2 hours. Our skill improved with each lock. Had to cut rope at Lock E2 because it got snagged. Changed our strategy in time for Lock E3, was successful. Running on starboard fuel tank since Waterford. 8 Hours

Cruising the locks of the Erie and Oswego canal

June 25 Wed left Amsterdam at 8am. Filled starboard tank with 5 gallons. We arrived in Little Falls at 4pm. So 8 hours. 8 Hours

June 26 Thursday left Little Falls at 7:30am. Filled starboard tank with last jerry can of 5 gallons.

Stopped on the way side of Oneida Lake at 7:30pm. Filled up on diesel 12 Hours

Oswego in New York State, on Lake Ontario, at sunset before we make the jump back to Toronto

June 27 Friday left at 6:30am heading for Oswego. We must have gotten around 2pm. 7 Hours

June 28 Saturday left Oswego at 6:30am. Filled tank on starboard. Arrived at Point Breeze at 5:45pm for 11 hours of motoring. Washroom password C3849y Filled with about 7 gallons plus more than 7 gallons so 14 gallons. 11 Hours

June 29 Sunday left point breeze at 5:30am. Arrived in Toronto at 2pm. 9 hours

Leigh enjoying Lake Ontario before the bug nightmare


Log of Engine Hours after arrival in Toronto

July 5 went out for a run around the island say 2 hours 2 Hours


Running Total since Riverview where we did last oil and oil filter change up to July 5 is: 56 Hours

Things to fix - head - add oil and or oil and filter change, get part at hardware store - wiring block for radar - adjust mast and back stays - log engine hours for trip on top of what Ed had - wiring block for radar - buy hydraulic fluid - hydraulic system for lifting the motor out of the water

Sailing Log Niagara on the lake Left at 9:00am on Saturday Arrived at 2pm so 5 hours on engine Return to Toronto Left at 7:30am Arrived at 11:45am, so 4 hours.

Things to get: - small ring - 3/4 inch screw for spreader, Philips head - white tape, thick rubbery?